Saturday, September 5, 2009

I was watching this sermon from the AOMin you-tube page, let me first say I enjoy listening to much of what is put out by this ministry, they are one of the most prolific and accessible apologetics organizations out there and I would recommend to anyone the many debates that are out there from them.

This sermon seems a little law heavy to me, maybe it's just the expository style with a reformed interpretation but it left me thinking as I have in the past how can a calvinist be personally assured of their own salvation?
What stood out to me was he made a point on the verse "crowned with glory and honor-esv" that the world doesn't see him this way, but we do! He asks who is this we?

He also takes the "so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.-esv" and says is this everyone on the planet earth? and is that how a Hebrew Christian would understand it? (perhaps they would say "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,"-esv, would mean some from each tribe and nation because all doesn't always mean all right. )

He puts forth the proposition that the "everyone" is the "we". With that thinking if at the moment Hebrews was penned if I had been one in the world who didn't see him "crowned with glory and honor-esv" not being part of the "we" I would not be part of the "everyone". Being that some in the world came to Faith later would this not mean that the "everybody" would have to encompass more than the "we" this letter was penned to?

This is from HEBREWS CHAPTER 2:5-9 "..... In this way the grace of God was revealed to mankind, since it was in behalf of every single human being and for the sake of earning a complete salvation for all men that Christ tasted the bitterness of death, Rom. 5, 8; Gal. 2, 21. This perfect obedience of the Redeemer has now been recognized and rewarded by the award of divine and everlasting glory and honor, Phil. 2, 6-11; Eph. 1, 20-23; Matt. 28, 18. It is equally certain that it will finally be shown that God put everything in subjection under His feet. If we wish to leave the order of the clauses in the sentence unchanged and think of the revelation of divine glory that came to Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, the explanation is almost equally simple: “He was made a little lower than the angels that He might suffer death; but He was crowned with glory and honor that this very death might bring all men to the glory of supremacy which was theirs when the fear of death was removed.”

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  1. Tim,

    I like the commentary on the AOMin sermon. This is typical. I would like to know "how a Jewish Christian WOULD understand those passages." He often plays semantic word games and often has a lot of fluff when analyzing the Greek...his John 3:16 explanation was terrible. It ultimately got down to perhaps, maybe, quite possibly, if you look in the lexicon and get rid of the other 35 meanings, world might NOT be world (the Greek is "cosmos").


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