Thursday, July 30, 2009

"The Case for Life" follow up

One quick follow up on my last post that I'd like to mention, I really enjoyed that Mr. Klusendorf wrote on the "unconscious violinist" which would fall under a "my body my choice" argument, I have heard this used before but never had heard a counter to it. He quotes a few responses others have made and to sum it up forget about waking up plugged into a stranger but now picture it being your own young son or daughter that you are supporting for a short period. It seems that abortion-choice arguments aim to take your focus so far off of reality that you miss the obvious facts. I wonder why the left doesn't use the absolute self autonomy for the father who has to use "his body" to work and pay child support, or to detach the welfare state from the taxpayers wallets like they would the violinist from his host?
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